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skype: delllcf
E-mail: dell@forgingsino.com
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Name: Dell
Tel: +86-0577-81805098
Fax: +86-0577-81905098
E-mail: dell@forgingsino.com
Add: No.288, Xiaodou Road, Xiaodou Industrial Zone, Longwan, Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province,China
Skype: delllcf
Skype: delllcf dell@forgingsino.com

About Us

Professional forged and machining parts factory covers an area of 20000 square meters and over 30 years of experience in the forging area,more than 100 persons, 2500T~400T multiple press equipmentsmesh conveyor belt furnace for heat treatment, CNC machining centers and many assistance forging equipments in Wenzhou, Zhejiang province. The annual output amounts to more than 10000 tons. The product may be up to 100cm long and 50kg weight. We have obtained ISO9001/TS16949 quality standard certificate. Also our production equipments have been improved, from the coal heating ones to electric ones.Our design and drawing are also been modernized.

Our products are widely used in crane,excavator,vehicle,tools and other machine accessories.For example,
iron core for rubber tracks and (GET-Ground Engaging Tools)bucket teeth for excavators,control arm and connecting rod and crankshafts for auto,valve and flange for pipe fittings,metal chain processing and so on.
On the material, there are carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel etc. Such as 45#,ASTM:A108-1045,DIN:C45,JIS:S45C,40Cr,ASTM:A29M-5140,DIN:41Cr4,JIS:SCr440 ,304(L),316(L),55#,65Mn,35MnB,42CrMo,35CrMo,25CrMo,Q345B,30CrMn,30CrNiMo, A350 LF2, A105 etc.
Products range covers various models.Existing models and customized-styles under your drawing and specifications are welcome.

Our customers are across the world. On cooperation way, most of the time we OEM for customers, but if customers need and allow, we also help to design,rendering suggestions, evaluating...
Sincerely welcome to visit our factory !

In a professional sense, forging advantages: 1)A long lifespan;  2)Finer metal grain;  3)Increase density;  4)Better metal fibrous tissue;   5)Better resistance against abrasion and impact.

The steel core is the steel skeleton of the rubber track. It supports the load-bearing wheel and engages with the sprocket to drive the whole track. The high quality steel core can ensure that rubber track has a smooth walking to reduce vibration, noise and impact load on the track; avoid steel cord directly contact with steel core back flat edges during  tracks bending; bring the friction probability of steel core and steel cord to zero; ensure that the steel cord is not damaged when rubber track is working; extend the rubber track lifespan.

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Skype: delllcf dell@forgingsino.com